Areas covered by CEDAW

The Convention covers “all forms of discrimination” in all areas of women’s lives including “political, economic, social, cultural, civil or any other field” (Article 1). This means that the Convention obliges states to take ‘all appropriate measures’ to eliminate discrimination against women in every area of her life including in the family. In addition, the Convention includes a number of articles which relate to specific areas of women lives including:

• Trafficking and exploitation of prostitution (art. 6)

• Political and public life (art. 7)

• Representation and participation (art. 8)

• Nationality (art. 9)

• Education (art. 10)

• Employment (art. 11)

• Health (art. 12)

• Economic and Social Benefits (art. 13)

• Rural women (art. 14)

• Equality before the law (art. 15)

• Marriage and family life (art. 16)